Air Waves – July 2014 Newsletter


It’s Summer Crisis time for our friends with breathing problems who need help to keep cool and “Breathe Easier.”  In response, The Breathing Association has kicked off its
annual campaign to provide air conditioners/and/or assistance toward summer electric
bills for those who qualify. On the first day of sign up, 117 applications were accepted and 41 families received air conditioners!

It is expected that over 900 families in Central Ohio are facing a Summer Breathing
Crisis.  Can you lend them a hand?  Your tax deductible gift of $125 will provide a family an air conditioner. A gift of $20  will provide a box fan to keep the air moving in a family’s apartment.

The Breathing Association pioneered the idea of air conditioning assistance under the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) for households and individuals who meet
the income and health qualifications. Today’s program is administered in partnership with the Ohio Development Services Agency’s Office of Community Assistance.

Demari & Demir Merrill help their mom  pick up an air conditioner on the  first day of the Summer Crisis program.

Demari & Demir Merrill help their mom
pick up an air conditioner on the
first day of the Summer Crisis program.


Close to 200 callers received information about The Breathing Association and made appointments for the Summer Crisis program while they watched the evening news on June 26th.  Several Breathing Association Trustees as well as employees and volunteers managed the phone bank at NBC-4’s “Call-4” segment of the broadcast.  Channel 4’s news team also did a story that focused on a Breathing Association client and how our programs help him everyday.   

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Demand in Central Ohio is very strong for classes that teach instructors how to help people quit smoking.  As a matter of fact the program offered by The Breathing Association in September is almost full forcing plans to offer additional classes in November.  The course offered by The Breathing Association is one of the few in North America that meet the standards of The Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use & Dependence (ATTUD).   

The pressure is on for more and more people to quit,” says Breathing Association President & CEO Joanne Spoth. As an example, Spoth points to the CVS Pharmacy chain which plans to stop the sale of tobacco products.  “In addition one of the larger Central Ohio hospital groups has plans to have at least one certified tobacco treatment specialist at each campus”  

 A graduate of the program offered by The Breathing Association becomes a “Tobacco Treatment Specialist” and may provide treatment as well as educate others (health care professionals, administrators, scientists, smokers, nonsmokers) about tobacco dependence.  Information about signing up for the next Certified Tobacco Training course is available here. 

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