The Breathing Association (TBA) understands that low income families must often decide between keeping their homes warm in winter and cool in summer and paying other expenses.  These decisions affect the health of our most vulnerable customers; those with diagnosed chronic lung disease and other issues.  Other customers resort to using other methods to heat their homes (stoves, inside fires, etc.). HEAP dollars help protect the health and safety of our customers.

HEAP services include:

HEAP Success Stories!

Home at Last!
A single woman whose children are grown and on their own came to us for help. She was working until she was diagnosed with cancer. As a result, she lost her job during her cancer treatment. For three years she has been essentially homeless. She stayed with various friends until her cancer was under control. Today, she is a cancer survivor and back to work. After several years of being on the waiting list, she finally received a Section 8 Housing Voucher for discounted rent. Because she had a job and was working, the Winter Crisis Program made pledges to turn on her gas and electric service. Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) set her utility payments at a reasonable amount. Our team had never seen someone so excited to have gas and electric bills! Since the utilities were put in her name, she could move into her new home! The customer has her health, job, home, and peace of mind!

HEAP Winter Crisis Program and Prescription Assistance!
Ms. J came to her appointment at The Breathing Association, she was overwhelmed with paying bills on her Social Security Disability income. She and her sister were frustrated because they didn’t know where to turn for help. She had disconnect notices on her Columbia Gas and AEP accounts. The Winter Crisis Program paid to stop the disconnections on both utilities. Her new payments will be $72 on gas and $72 on electric. This is a lower amount than her regular bills. Budgeting will be easier now because she knows ahead of time how much to pay for her utilities. During the appointment she mentioned that after paying bills and medications she has less than one hundred dollars left. So, her case manager also helped her to apply for Medicare Part D Low Extra Help Program which will pay for some of her prescriptions. The Breathing Association continues meet and exceed the expectations of its customers.