September 2015 Newsletter

Pulling up those sleeves for better health…

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One of our nurses on the Mobile Medical Unit sees a client

Seniors and those with compromising medical conditions such as Asthma or COPD can ill afford a bout with the flu. It’s more than just losing time from work – each year flu hospitalizes an estimated 200,000 people in the US, and more than 20,000 deaths are flu-related.

The Breathing Association’s HEAP medical clinics and our Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) make providing flu shots a top priority. By offering this simple precaution, we can protect the health of our most vulnerable citizens.  Be sure to get your flu shot too!

Boy Scout Troop #117 Rolled-Up their sleeves to help!


Thank you Scout Troop #117!

Thank you BOY SCOUT TROOP #117 for sprucing up our landscaping to provide a visual gift of caring to our clients!  These fine young men rolled up their sleeves to pitch in and spruce up the garden beds at our Old Henderson Road office, planting mums, weeding walkways and raking leaves to create a warm welcome to clients and visitors. We deeply appreciate their help!

Want to pitch in? Email or call Sue Swyt at 614-457-4750 ext 111 to join the fun!

Outreach to one results in help for the entire family …

In our August e-newsletter you read about our Summer Asthma Outreach program – working with youth sports camps to identify children from low income areas of the community who have asthma, and offer helpful resources. In many cases, connecting to one child allowed us to help an entire family.

Juliana is a young athlete who participated in the Columbus Crew SC Foundation’s Heroes League Soccer Camp, and she has asthma. She and her mother, Wendy, met with Breathing Association’s Registered Nurse, Joey Reed, during the camp. Upon learning about the help The Breathing Association could provide, Wendy scheduled a follow-up home visit.

During the visit, Ms. Reed learned that Wendy and Juliana’s young brother also have asthma. Juliana’s grandmother, who lives in the home, has COPD as well. The chance to help one person suddenly became the chance to improve the lives of four.

juliana and mom

Juliana and her mom, Wendy

Ms. Reed evaluated the family home and yard for allergens and triggers. She reviewed medications and medication delivery mechanisms used by Juliana and her family, and Juliana was given medication spacers to improve her medication intake.

We were able to provide the family an air purifier, allergy pillow covers and a vacuum cleaner to reduce dust and allergen triggers. A referral to our Medical Home Emergency Assistance Program (HEAP) program helped Wendy refill the home’s air conditioner coolant so the family could prevent breathing problems caused by over-heating.

Thanks to the generous support donors like you, the success of our summer Asthma Outreach program extended far beyond the children involved – it helped us provide better breathing resources and assistance to entire families. 

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